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Yes, I still burn candles.  I have a couple of flameless candles but they're just not the same.  I've purchased expensive candles over the years (mostly Yankee) but I've found that some of the less expensive candles are just as good.  I currently buy a brand called Tuscany that I get at Meijer.  I usually grab a few when they're on sale.

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Yes, I still do, but not a fan of a too sweet or heavy scented candle. Found 'Vanilla Rose' a soy blend candle at Walgreen's @ $4.99, the scent is not overpowering.  I usually like to burn it when I am cooking something that tends to linger through the house, this candle will eliminate the odor fast.

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@Patriot3 Speaking of Etsy...I just sent a Thank You gift from a seller on Etsy who makes gift baskets, including her handmade candles and soaps...she's TheDancingWick. In case anyone here is interested. I thought she had reasonable pricing for Thank You, or Friendship, bridesmaid or whatever, gifts. Just fyi.

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Yes, I'm burning a deep dish apple pie Slatkin candle right now in my kitchen. Love the ambience of candles.

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@amyb wrote:

I too love the "ritual" of candles.


Unfortunately, do to too much soot issues in my condo, after I painted in 2019, I vowed no more flame candles in the home.


That said...I still burn them on the deck, early morning or early evening, outside. 

Also, my kitchen is due to be done over and still has the old I'll occasionally burn one, sitting on the stove.


Today is gloomy here in CT, gonna be up early and lit my flameless candles...I too love the ambiance in the early morning, with a cup of tea/coffee. y'all recall Old Virgina candles? I was sorry when they went out of business. (you can sometimes still find them on Ebay...not sure how fresh they are now.)

I still have about a 1/3 left of an old one...smells as good as the day I bought it..."Pink Cupcake", with a cute topper on it (topper has all pastel baking gadgets...a little mixer, bowls, jars etc.). I burn it every now and then, but it's the last of those I have. I used to buy their Wood Wick candles too...the ones that crackled like a fireplace. You can find other brands that do that now...we bought one a few years back. Then I stopped burning flame candles...excepting those instances I said above.

soot issue was exactly why i started using an electric tart burner years it...i don't buy expensive wax tarts....i buy candles on sale and scoop them into the great.....

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I love burning candles, and burn them all the time, although not so much in the summer time, more Fall/Winter for me. I tend to melt more as well. When I do burn candles I tend to try to stick with Soy Candles, far less soot and a cleaner burn!


My husband said you can certainly see a big difference when we only burn Soy Based candles with the soot.....I love the fragrance and the ambiance of candles and also have flameless ones as well.

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@nana59 I too use tart burners now, thinking they are cleaner than big jarred candles, with only a tealight. I don't have an electric one...even cleaner...good idea.

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Re: Burning Candles?

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I recently purchased Goose Creek candles for the first time. Got several

of them in mid summer that were on clearance. All three that I have

burned since they arrived are really strong scented and they carry

throughout the house.


I used to be a huge fan of Bath and Body's candles but I really like

these even more.

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No. Even years ago when I was younger I would forget about them and think oops  . Now as a senior citizen I do not want to be on the news as elderly couple dies in house fire but their cats that knocked over a forgotten candle were rescued by firefighters.


I leave candles that I have recieved as Christmas gifts (what can we give Auntie Okay-- Candles !) around my house and get a whiff of the lovely fragrances for awhile but I never burn them anymore.

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Absolutely not!!! threw out all the ones I had for years just before I moved---think they are too dangerous to have a burning fire in the house just to make it smell good. Not sure what ritual there is for burning candles????