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Buffalo Check Nook

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What do you think? No, it's not mine, just a random picture that came up on my feed.



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The room is so nice and I look at the curtains and they look fresh and lighten everything up.

But then see the pillow and the ottoman and it looks like an advertisement for those pieces or at least the plaid fabric.

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I like buffalo check plaid.  But I prefer a smaller version.  This is too bold for my taste.  Makes the room look more crowded than it already is.

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Surprised at myself, but I like it all.  Just enough.  Love the wood wall and accessories.

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I like this a lot!!!! It's not overdone, but just right!

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I love the room but think the buffalo check was added to pop it, and it really just takes away from the calm and clean look. 


I like buffalo check stuff, just think it kind of was inserted into this room for no real good reason and not a great result.

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Too trendy and looks like a store or catalogue display- not a home.

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I like the room but would have solid off white drapes or no drapes...the windows have blinds.

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Love it, but I would have pleated shades rather than blinds.  

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The round table and the empty corner bother me and the stuff on the walls looks they just went to Home Goods and bought whatever they saw and nailed it up on the wall with no thought. 


The whole room looks like no thought, no point to me.