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I like it and the best part is you can take it down when your decor taste changes. 

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I really like the worn old look of the brick...done just right.

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It's an interesting idea. Not sure I'd want to use those shown, though a couple of them have some appeal. The floral could be nice if it weren't so overwhelming and while I've always liked the concept of an interior brick wall, I'm not sure about that one. The agate mural, to me, is just unappealing.

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The room is very nice, love the natural light and the color. That mural on the wall is a bit overwhelming for me. 

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They are too over whelming. Maybe some other murals would work, but not these.

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They require paste to apply. I wonder if it’s difficult to remove.

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@Mombo1 wrote:

No way.... looks like flood damage to me....

🤣right I have had this look in my home for free lol 

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The room is okay, but not that mural......whew!  Like the chandelier.

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When growing up we had a mural in our living room.  While the room wasn't big the mural fit in and was very pretty.  It was a scene of an Italian theme, soft colors.  It was part of the house and I loved it.  


As far as these murals are concerned, they are OK. but not anything I would put in my house.

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I almost like the first rose mural.  The room is nice, but the mural is to much for this small space.