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I like the stair case railing

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I am just thinking what words would come out of my mouth if I walked into an entry with this in it ... Nothing good for sure! ... 

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I'm just so sorry...



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Wow if you didn’t know that was there it would scare ya into a heart attack. Too bold for me.  I love the baskets. 

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I don't particularly like it but if it was my loved one I would love it.

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The picture is indeed too big for that space, if it was not poster like, I think it would be perfect for that space.

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I like the African decor but not this picture and not this size.  

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Too big, too much! It would look ok if it were sized down, then the entryway would be lovely.  

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I'm not a believer in (artwork) too big for a space.  It's a wall.  It's not 3 dimensional.  You don't have to walk around it.


I like the picture.  I can't help but smile when I look at it.


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Granted I'm a fan of one large piece of artwork rather than ten small ones, but that particular photograph is too large for the space, too bold for the space, and a bit startling.  The photograph is fine if that's your style (and based on the rug, I'm guessing it is), but it needs to go on a bigger wall, in a larger space, where there is some distance between the art and the viewer.

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