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Towel ring is too close to the toilet...

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The decor is OK - it's such a personal thing, although I do think that hand towel is a little goofy looking. My biggest issue would be that the wall behind and just above the sink is going to be splashed on when people wash their hands. Ususually there is either tile or a mirror that extends down to the sink that will absorb the water splashes. It won't take too long before that area looks pretty grungy!

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I really love the crisp white trim and lower walls, contrasted with the deep blue. Very fresh and clean looking.

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Re: Bland to Bold Half Bath

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I don't like the shape of the miror nor do I like whatever is hanging above the commode.  The toilet paper on the stand is silly and the trash can is out of place (color).  The towel circular rack needs to be lowered.  The blue paint with the white looks good and so does the throw rug.

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For such a tiny bathroom, I think this is a good remodel.

It presents as a cheery, pleasant room. 

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I like this room. Looks like they didn't have to sell the farm to make inexpensive updates that bring the room to life. The white trim on lower wall does not go all the way up behind sink, and an area beneath sink has been cut out to accommodate pipes. Having recently added white beadboard in my powder room, I know this cuts down on work and expense. I like everything else except I'd have to change out the rug since I live in tropical south, not out west.  I love pedestal sinks in small bathrooms, just not in master bath. I would never crowd this powder room with a vanity. 

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I don't care for the new look.  Don't like to see trash cans in the open.  I keep mine in the vanity cupboard under the sink.  And also, very much dislike pedestal sinks.  No storage.  Therefore, I would have taken the space, pulled the sink and put in a vanity sink, put up a pretty mirror, a shelf over the toilet, and added a pretty towel and rug.

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Nice improvement!  But I dont like the towel, rug, or waste basket.....

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Love the after!!

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Too dark for a half bath. I prefer lighter colors.