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Would of done black for the cabinets and definitely stopped there.

And, done both the window wall and the ceiling  a crisp white.


Also, would of gone with different stools.

And, kept the the countertops cleared off as much as possible.

If one has open shelving, it should be nicely arranged/organized

since it is all visible for all to see. I am not seeing that here. 
I would have fun pulling everything down and starting over.

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The kitchen in my previous house, which I absolutely loved, was all, totally knotty pine except mottled cream tile floors, Wilsonart counters, a large curved fireplace, and a large picture window.


The space was VERY DIFFICULT to get bright enough, and we sold it about 5 years ago to move to our present 50s ranch.


I STILL miss that kitchen, but our present house is a much better for us in general.


(DON'T TELL. MY HUSBAND) but I DO want a fireplace in my kitchen some day soon........

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It's visually interesting first thought when I looked at it was, walking into this kitchen in the morning wouldn't wake me up and want to start the day.  I'd probably have a cup of coffee and go back to bed!

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At first glance this room appears to have underlit shelves, the only thing that saves this room for me.  You can't leave them on all the time, can you?

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Re: Black & Brick Kitchen

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I agree about the open shelving---not a fan.....


With everything so dark, the overall room is a bit depressing and dreary.........If the ceiling was painted white it might have changed the mood......

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