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I would definitely have a white ceiling and cabinet space but actually I do like this kitchen although not my usual taste.  The island stools do not appeal, they look uncomfortable and I would change that part.  

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I LOVE this.  The only downside is I really prefer cabinetry as opposed to open shelving but then the brick is not as prevalent.

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I hate open shelves. It's too dark. Black attracts the dust. You would be cleaning all the time.

I hate dusting all the electronic equipment in the house with all the dust which show on the black surfaces not long after dusting.


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Change the ceiling paint color to off white and I love it!

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It seems this kitchen was made for a photo shoot.  I can't get next to the black cabinets.  The brick is pretty but the shelves are impractical.  No woman wants to be dusting in the kitchen.  Yes, we clean our countertops and from time to time wipe the fronts of our cabinets but dusting -- I don't think so.  We want the most of our space with cabinets with closed doors.

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I don't detest it but I don't really care for much of anything about it, and the black ceiling seals the deal. I tend to like exposed brick inside but, to me, this is not very pretty brick.

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It's attractive but not practical.  I cannot envision actual cooking here.

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I like the black ceiling . Painted ceilings are considered the fifth wall lately . I would do the bottom cabinets  and what walls there are  in white or lighter shade. The bricks are alright , but I would find cabinets more useful. I love the wonderful window. I think leaving the ceiling black would be a unique statement.

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I don't like black cabinets. 

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It's not terrible but the black ceiling ruins it for me.  I like the look of the shelves on the brick and it would be fine as long as I had a house cleaning lady to keep them ckean...which I don't have!!!