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Best multi-purpose one-step stool!

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This is a VERY winded post, so for those that don't like long posts...just pass on by.


I was torn as to which forum to start a thread about a stool because the main reason why I needed one is for gardening/ I hope most folks who garden also read the home forum threads.



I am just beside myself with joy over a step stool. Yes, you read it correctly...a step stool.


Not just any step stool, but a durable multi purpose step stool. Let me share some background to this specific excitement I have...


For nearly 20 years DH and I have had a set of 2 green polypropylene/resin adirondack chairs with matching foot rests. We bought them the year we were married at Kohls for 75% off too...LOL. We certainly got our money's worth out of them! I think the chairs were about $12 each and the matching foot rests were about $5-6 each. The chairs are fine...still look practically brand new in fact. We use them every year on our porch. However, sadly the foot rests are worse for wear. We have used them all year round every year for so many things.


Well, this past October they started to become brittle and one of them started cracking. DH tried to mend it, but it's just not safe to use anymore. Since the other would no doubt do the same thing soon, it was time to find replacements for them.


The hunt has been exhausting to say the least. There are literally hundreds of varieties of foot rests & one-step stools to be found. I had spent hours over the past few weeks searching but none even came close in comparison to what we have been using for almost 20 years.


The method I used was the process of elimination and incorporating what I needed the replacements to do the my replacement buddy for planting/weeding/trimming our gardens/yards.


The 1st thing I did was take the measurements of one of the foot rests...

16.5"W x 14.5"H x 22"L


While searching, the matching foot rests for adirondack chairs the manufacturers make now are on a slant. In other words, not useful for sitting or standing not versatile whatsoever.


We needed replacements that were:


1) Durable

2) Lightweight

3) Easy to move/carry (some may be lightweight but actually awkward to carry/use!)

4) A height of no less than 14" (most are 9"-11" in height...might as well just sit on the ground/floor)

5) Large enough platform to sit on comfortably

6) Non-collapsible because after a LOT of usage the hinges would start breaking after a short period of time. Collapsible may be great for those with storage restrictions, but thankfully we don't have an issue with storage.


With all of those requirements, I had my work cut out for me during the search. Just last week I actually had given up and thought I would have to settle for a collapsible option at Amazon because at least it was at a height I needed. Thank goodness I held off!


Just a few days ago, from all my searching for the replacements, a pop up ad came up while googling for other things. The ad was from Ace Hardware and it showed the 'Little Giant Duratote & stool set'. I clicked on it and I couldn't believe how perfect the step stool was. After reading several reviews, the majority of those that purchased the set are those that own horses. The step stool is to help in getting onto the horse and the matching piece is to carry around all the grooming tools! It does boggle the mind why the set didn't come up when googling for step stools. I could have saved myself hours of searching. Better late than never I suppose.


The only sad part was I could not buy just the step stool...had to buy the set. Well, we'll be giving the tote carriers to Goodwill. IMHO, these stools are worth every penny and more...very versatile (to stand on, sit on, foot rest), lightweight, great height, extremely durable, easy to carry by way of opening/slit/hole on the top. Honestly, because of HOW fabulous these are, we'd be willing to pay $50+ each for just the joke.


I was so worried about not being able to have a great stool to use when gardening anymore...or to have to be uncomfortable for many hours when weeding/planting/trimming. I refuse to be on my knees either on a pad or using knee pads. Thank goodness for these stool replacements! I highly recommend. There are many places online that carry them so one can easily find the best deal/store/retailer that works for them. Smiley Very Happy
And for those who can see a way to use the tote, then this is especially a great set for you!


One last side note. If you buy more than one, they are stackable. We bought 2! One we'll keep in the basement and the other we'll keep in the garage during Spring/Summer and then Fall/Winter we'll stack on the other one in the basement when not in use.

Below is a pic of the new step stool next to one of the 20 yr old foot rests we have been using...


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Re: Best multi-purpose one-step stool!

Good score!! It really is the little things in life.

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Re: Best multi-purpose one-step stool!

@spud188 wrote:

Good score!! It really is the little things in life.


@spud188  I couldn't agree with you more Smiley Happy