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Berkshire Faire Isle blanket--preferred last year's colors!

I'm not trying to be a snipe, just mentioning this because last year I bought several Berkshire Fair Isle blankets not only for myself, but for gifting...but these different color shades for this year are not appealing, so I won't be buying more.  Please revamp the colors & shades (these are too weak), and I'll be back with my wallet in hand, FWIW, because I really love this pattern & product, otherwise.  I realize other people may feel differently, but this post is by me, so this is my .02 cents Smiley Wink

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Re: Berkshire Faire Isle blanket--preferred last year's colors!

I ordered my set this year and love the color combo.  I don't remember the set from last year.  I remember the rep saying that the pattern ones sold very fast.