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I bought the oversized, thick bershire throw which said not to dry with heat  but I did anyhow and it was fine.  I have a low heat setting on my dryer first of all which is what I used.  I timed it for 10 minutes only.  It was mostly dry at that point anyhow then I hung up on an inside line in the basement to remove the last bit of is fine nothing damanged on it at all.   I used a cold water gentle cycle by the way on my dark navy blue throw, nothing faded, hardly any lint in the dryer.

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Please don't use a dryer sheet.  Get some lambs wool balls for your dryer.

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I don't use dryer sheet but I do throw a bath towel in with it.


I wash my polar fleece & dry on high heat (medium takes a few cycles) on the "auto dry energy" setting with no dryer sheets.  My sheets are almost 2 years ago & still comfy and nice!