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I know you aren't supposed to use heat when drying, so I have it in dryer on air fluff. Almost two hours last night, let it sit out on the bed overnight and it's still damp. Have it in the dryer for another hour and it's STILL damp. How long do these things take to dry???
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I actually just had my berkshire velvet sheets in the dryer on Friday on high heat because my washer didn't complete the spin cycle for the first time ever.  They did just fine.  Don't be afraid to use heat on them.  


I personally normally use low heat for about 20 minutes and they are good.  Air fluff did nothing for me just like you are experiencing.  Heat is okay with mine.    

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I love these blankets, but whenever I have this problem, I put a completely dry large towel or two in with the item. That helps the blanket dry much faster.  I guess the towels soak up some of the moisture and add extra friction during the tumbling to speed up the process.  Works for other items I have too.

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I bought one too and you can be sure I am gonna use heat when I dry mine and maybe even a dryer

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@Glittergal has the right idea, many here have used in the past, a big bath towel.


I use the low heat setting on my polar fleece and berkshire blankets and throws, and no ill effects in the least. 


On air only cycle, they take about 6 weeks to get dry! LOL

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Thanks but everyone. I put a towel in. And it still was a bit damp but it should air dry the rest of the way now. So I'm going to do the low heat next time. And I'm using a dryer sheet, lol. I don't like static
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Ohhh, don't use a dryer sheet. It will gum up the fibers and it will never be the same. 

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I dry mine on low heat for about 20 minutes or so then drape over my drying rack.  It works out fine.  Usually leave it overnight.

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I dry my Malden Mills sheets on high and they are fine.


I received my Berkshire blanket the other day and finally opened it last night.


WOW! It is so soft and snuggly! I hesitated but decided to get it at the last minute. Glad I got it!

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Re: Berkshire Blanket

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I've always put my Fluffie blankets and throws in the dryer on low heat with those Woolies dryer balls. The Fluffies come out very full, soft and static-free.