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@Kachina624 wrote:

This is an unusually pretty beach house that I like because it's tastefully done without a plethora of shells, rope and plastic crabs.  I'm not a fan of anything having to do with the ocean, being a mountain girl.  With a few minor alterations, I could make it contemporary Southwestern. 



Me too, prefer the mountains and streams not an ocean or beach person.....

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I can almost hear the ocean. What a beautifully decorated place. 

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Re: Beach Cottage Love

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Love floor and ceiling. Not loving the wall color or furnishings.




I like this one best, although I'd scale back the number of beach items. A bit too many decorative things sitting around for me. 

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I'm definitely in the minority here, but to me, this is just too stark and sterile, and the wall color and dark floor are too jarring.  To each her own! 

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Thank you for your offer of help.  And I did check out your home post of 2017.  Nice & comfy cozy.  Love the fireplace & Dickens setting.  You really put the meaning of Christmas in your home.  Thanks for sharing.


As for our home, we do use sofa & chair covers.  The dog sheds a lot & one of my cats lifts the cover & buries herself under it to nap.  DH only puts up a very small Christmas tree with not many decorations (don't want to take a chance with the cats.)  I've had to eliminate having  plants, etc. in our home because of them.


Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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So pretty!!  I'd love to know that paint color