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Re: Be careful when buying a couch


LOL I feel your pain.  When my 2 cats were young, one of them took it upon herself to "glide" with her paws along the bottom portion of the box spring - think you know the end results!  All material was shaggy, torn, etc. etc.  

We purchased a new mattress/box spring the end of 2017 from a local mattress factory & we're very happy with the quality.

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Re: Be careful when buying a couch

Don't u just love all those "warranties" stores love to sell u? What a joke. 20 yrs ago, I bought a small couch from a local store and I asked the salesman if it was comfortable. He reassured me that it was. The couch was delivered and it was such a piece of junk. I went back to the store to complain and they ignored me. So - I announced to all the customers in the store NOT to buy there. I was that angry. I gave the couch away and bought a long leather couch from a major dept store (Robinson's in Thousand Oaks, CA). I hated it from the minute it arrived. Looked so much better under those special lights at the store.

17 yrs ago, I moved to a new house and dragged that ugly leather couch with me. One year ago, I couldn't look at that couch anymore (it was in my living room and no one sat on it) so I ordered a leather loveseat from costco dot com ---- and I love it. Gave that ugly couch to a non-profit where it's loved.

Also, when I moved to this house, I bought a couch and 2 club chairs for my family room - from a small furniture store - and I sit on this couch every day. Perfect and so comfortable.

It's hard to buy couches unless u know what to look for. No one should need to buy those ridiculous warranties on furniture.

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Re: Be careful when buying a couch

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Does the store IKEA sell various slipcovers so you can switch it iut? I might have to get this soda at some point.  I have a RED Sofa and I want the option to change from cream to floral to a black sofa. Not every day but it would be nice to change slipcovers.

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