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Be Careful When Purging

Yesterday, I got rid of several pairs of jeans. Before I tossed them in the pile to go in the bag, I tried a couple on. Unfortunately, I also tossed the pants I was wearing onto that pile and wore a pair of jeans I kept. I scooped up all the pants in the pile, put them in the bag, and dragged the bag by the door to the garage and went and took a shower. It wasn't until I was ready for bed and looking for the pants I had worn that day to put in the hamper that I realized I must have tossed them in the bag pile to go. I went through the bag today and pulled them out. A few years ago, I wasn't so lucky. I had a gold ring with a 1+ carat in the center and small pave diamonds. When I stopped wearing it every day, I put it in the pocket of a blazer for safe-keeping until ... I purged some blazers, including that one. Although I sure love clearing stuff out, I need to be more careful when purging. Have you ever tossed something that you wish you hadn't?

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

Nope.  Once it comes out of my closet to be purged, no second guessing allowed.  It is going, never to be thought of again.


Of course I have never inadvertently "purged" a diamond ring either!

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

I always check the pockets before tossing.  I've found money by doing that.

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

@Desert Lily


Congratulations on your 'save' sorry about the ring - OUCH!


Before Thanksgiving I was also purging closet, checked the pocket of a pair of pants and found a 100.00 euro bill!  Goes into saving for my next trip!

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

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Yep, it was a sad day.  I packed clothes and jewelry to wear to an after work event.  Didn't wear the jewelry.  Took the tote bag to the salvation army with a necklace with a diamond pendant.  It wasn't terribly expensive, but my godmother gave it to me right before she passed.  I didn't notice it was missing for about a week.  Went back there and nobody knew anything.  They said all donations are taken to other stores.  😕

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

I always check pockets before getting rid of clothing, but a few years ago, I threw out brand new unused pads for my floor steamer in error.  I thought they were left over from an old broken model.



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Re: Be Careful When Purging


When I donate handbags, I go through all the pockets twice -- and then hold the bag upside down and shake it. Then check the pockets again for good measure. lol


Yeah, I know that's a bit much.

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

These days I am super cautious because I have been so mad at myself for tossing something too a jacket and a skirt that I have pined for ever since.😥

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

Not me, but my fiance.  Years ago, he sold an old used car and put the $1500. in a shoe in the closet as he was not going to the bank right away.  I guess he forgot about it and he tossed the pair in the trash when he was getting rid of things for me to move in after our wedding. He was mad for a good two weeks, I think.

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Re: Be Careful When Purging

OMG, a diamond, a diamond necklace, $1500.  I would be sick.  Thanks for the reminder to double check @Desert Lily.  LM