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DH and I moved into new home, we have a bath fan in the bathroom my question is, do you run it when showering? Do you keep it on after a shower to clear bathroom? We lived in a 1942 home before this and just had a window! 😂  Thank you for any input. 

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Mine goes on when I flip the light switch, which also turns on the light that is in the ceiling of my tub/shower combo. If yours has it's own switch I would say yes definitely turn it on while you're showering so it starts pulling the steam up and out. If my bathroom gets really steamy I leave it on for a few minutes after exiting the bathroom because if I take a longer hot shower even with it on my mirror gets steamed up for a bit.

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Should be exhaust fan to be used while showering.

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Im in a 1930s home. Had to learn too, since we always showered w door ajar to prevent condensation on the bathroom walls.
Run your exhaust fan (w door closed) when you shower or are running lots of hot steamy water in the bathroom sink. The exhaust fan pulls that moist hot air out of the room to prevent damage from water condensation.
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Turn it on when you turn on the shower.  You can leave it on after the shower is done while you get dressed, then turn it off.

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We called those fans 'stink fans', but not in those exact words.


When I shower with the bathroom door closed then I turn on the fan while showering and leave it on for a short time afterwards to clear the air of humidity. My fan has a separate switch from the vanity light. But since I live here alone, I usually leave the door open with the fan off so the steam goes out the door and this adds humidity to my wintertime dry house. 


To me the point of having a bathroom fan is to remove air from the room, whether it's humidity or odors....but mostly for humidity especially in a room with no windows.

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I prefer a shower.

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Yes, both DH and I have fans in our bathrooms....I always turn on the fan when showering and shut if off once the steam has cleared.  The bath in DH's bath comes on with the light so his is on when ever the light is on.

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I have a fan like that in my three full bathrooms and my powder room.  We run them when we shower to remove the steam.  We also run them when the air needs            “refreshed” after using the toilet.

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Yes we always have it on while showering. You can buy fans with timers so they automatically shut off. My cousin just had her house burn down for leaving it on and not shutting it off.