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Some of you may remember my flooded basement remodel story and photos from about a month ago. 


Here are a few photos of one part of the basement decorated. The only new items in the photos are the floor lamp and a canvas print of a beach photo taken from a trip to California. 


The large China cabinet, the small cabinet in the left corner, & the rocker on the right belonged to our grandparents. These and the other items were saved from the flood. 


It’s not fabulous & showy, but it’s so much nicer than even before the flood. The new paint & carpet really did make a difference. 





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It looks very nice. Glad you were able to save your grandparents furniture.

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I think it looks really nice. You have done a fab job.
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Looks like a cozy spot to sit and visit or read.  Flood damage is so devastating, but you did a very nice job with the remodel.

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Looks great. 

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Looks nice & cozy. The paint colors look similar to the colors I have in my dining room. The colors I used were Khaki & Cactus.

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What are you going to use it for?  I don't see a TV son I guess it's not a family room.

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Nice high ceilings. Does not look like a basement at all.

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Congrats, @wilma ,  on recovering your basement from the flood waters, and creating such pleasant and open living space!

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When I do a couple of upgrades in my home --- I enjoy it.

I have a very similar china cabinet --- my mother bought it in 1967 with a matching large dining room table and chairs. I have many items my mother bought and I wouldn't part with any of them.

Can't imagine being flooded out --- but the room looks very cozy and warm.

I can't live "without my stuff."

Enjoy every moment of replacing your belongings.