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I don't see the point of having two sinks and one mirror.  

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I love it!

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This isn't my taste I don't care for the shelves.

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I like the concept when storage space is an issue. Materials can always be changed out.  Could use baskets to conceal items on shelves.

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I liked the barn door concept at first but I’m seeing versions of it everywhere and wondering if it will soon turn out to be an overdone fad .😕

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I LOVE this idea, the style posted is too rustic for me,but the concept is brillant!

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Cool look but I wouldn't want my medicine chest stuff exposed.  Also, if two people are using the sinks only one person gets to see what they're doing!!

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I love this!

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I sort of like this look, though it would work best in a true farm, ranch, or converted barn type residence. It might looks sort of silly in the average home.

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