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BL Christmas Wreath bites the dust....

Well, this wreath was the last of my BL lights pieces that was still working. I used it on the 6 hour timer last year for four weeks, for Christmas. It's been on my door now for two weeks this year and today I noticed that about 1/3 of my lights are no longer lit. Last year I made it through the whole season on 3 D batteries. I put new batteries in when I hung it this year, and I replaced them today....thinking that was the problem. The lights got much brighter, but the duds are still dead.

No more of this junk for me. I bought a Fall wreath, Fall garland, and this Christmas wreath last year, and now they are all ready for the trash. I could see this happening if I used them 365 days per year, but they were all only used for a few hours, and for a few weeks last year. And you should certainly get more than two weeks from a set of batteries.

I've been duped for the last time. BL should be ashamed to sell this stuff.

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