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My local news had a story this morning and said that BBB was doing away with their 20% off coupons.


Apparently, they are losing money because people are not paying full price for items.


I don't know when it begins, but I would use them up before they are unusable!

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Thanks for the heads up.  I keep them in my car.  I think they're great.

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I heard something about that before,  I would stop shopping there,

If this is true,they would need to feature things on sale each week like every other retailer out there. 


Be interesting to see what happens

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To me, that's their main draw.  Probably will shop there much less if they stop accepting those.  My store still takes the coupies, no matter how old they are.

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While Bed Bath & Beyond is a well-known retailer in its own right, it's their 20% off coupons that make them a favorite for many. Seriously, we bet anyone reading this can say they've used at least one in their lifetime. And the fact that you can use more than one at a time and they never expire makes them even better. But the coupons that have built up their brand loyalty are now backfiring — big time.


Apparently, even though the revenue of the retail giant's most recent quarter rose 1.7%, their profit fell 10% — and the company blames the blue-and-white coupons we love so dearly for their financial woes. Why? Well, it seems customers have grown accustomed to shopping with the discount, so instead of purchasing a full-price item, they usually choose to wait until they get their next voucher to hit the aisles for new bath towels.

Which leads us to the bad news: While we don't know exactly how Bed Bath & Beyond plans to respond, we do know they promised investors they'd scale back on these kinds of promotions (and earlier this year, they made their return policy stricter, too).  Translation: You should take advantage of these coupons while you still can. 

[via The Washington Post]

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Re: BBB 20% off coupon

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I never shop there as the prices are so much higher than what I can get online.  Why in the world would anyone pay full price?  They make it near impossible to use the coupons online by hiding the promo screens and you need to go into the store to get the discount, or at least that is what I was told when I had to buy a gift from a registry for a wedding shower.  Such a nuisance!  Too bad I couldn't just buy the item for half price on Amazon.


The stores are so poorly staffed and there is always a line.  I think I went in twice (with the coupon) all of last year.  Without the coupon I don't have even that small need.  I would not be surprised if they eventually go away like Linens n things.

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They are the last place I go when I need a home item.  Maybe prices have changed since it's been years.  You needed the coupons to get the item to be reasonably priced and sometimes a bargain.  I have friends that swear by the store.  I guess it's what you buy.

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I think that rumor has been around for years.  It keeps coming up because BB&B, in quarterly earnings reports, often cites "increased coupon usage" to explain lower earnings.  And, who knows, BB&B may itself start the rumors in order to get people into its stores and buying things before the coupons disappear for good.

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If I were on the Bed Bath & Beyond marketing team I would advise their decision makers to revise how coupons can be used and how they are circulated.  I think a key move would be to start enforcing the expiration dates.  I have to believe the company would see a small jump in profits if they did this.  There are other ways they could still offer coupons and make it profitable for the business, but I don't work for them so they can't have my ideas.  


They have never honored the coupons for online purchases, so it really doesn't make sense why they are so liberal with them in their stores.  Whether they offer coupons or not, would not affect how frequently I shop there.    

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@Jerseygirl1266 wrote:

I never shop there as the prices are so much higher than what I can get online.  Why in the world would anyone pay full price?


Agree, completely Jerseygirl. Just yesterday I was looking to purchase an item. I checked the price (with coupon) at BBB, and then found it almost $25 less via Amazon - shipped from the manufacturer, not a third party.  Plus, 2-day delivery and free shipping with Amazon Prime. No comparison.  BBB has lost every time I consider purchasing anything from them - coupons included.