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Don't care for the black and gold. If it were a much lighter color with a smoth finish, it could be very attractive. I'm beginning to like fireplaces without raised hearths. Simple and clean lines are gaining in popularity. Replace the furniture.

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Re: Asymmetrical Fireplace

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The pastel color furniture doesn't help the fireplace in making the room look warm and cozy.  And that little painting on the right looks so out of balance on that wall!

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NOPE but I think it goes with the space.

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NO, not my style!

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It’s different but I like it.

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Heck, NO.  Who designed this room?  They need to go back to deisgn school.

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It's interesting and ugly.

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I have no problem with the asymmetry, but I don't like the colors at all.

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Not a fan of the Black & Gold, ESPECIALLY with that wall color.  I think they missed the mark here.