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When I shared a room with my sister growing up, we were not neat at all! Somewhere along the line, we both became neatniks!


Sisters in one family I knew (much older) were atrocious housekeepers! One had a large kitchen table, and I was appalled to see dirty pots & pans underneath it, empty egg cartons and newspapers and dirty dishes on top of it, and Lord knows what else!


My daughter is way better than when she was growing up. Her children are not little neatniks. When will they grow out of that?

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Growing up, my mom kept a super neat, tidy home, so my sister and I were taught at a young age about picking up after ourselves, and we were given little chores to do, we both are now neat housekeepers as adults.


I like my home to be clean, tidy and things put where they belong and I find that if you do that it's easier to keep it neat and clean, its once you start letting things go like papers piling up and dirty dishes in the sink, it becomes harder and harder to clean up, so my motto is to keep it neat and picked up, and I am thankful my husband is a neat person as well! 

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Re: Are You Neat & Tidy?

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Since childhood, I have always been like a walking tornado.....when I leave a room, it looks like a tornado just hit. I am the opposite of neat and tidy. My sister is the opposite of me. She was and still OCD level neat. I have always thought that there must be some genetic component to individuals' propensity to be neat or messy.

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I've always been neat and tidy.  Everything has a place, and everything is in its place.  I've always been like this.  My mother was this way, and so is my sister.

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I was raised by neat I am very neat.  I have had people in my home who say "does anyone really live here" 

Than my children come to visit and it takes everything I can do to keep my mouth shut.  Beds never made, dishes in sink, etc.  My DH says "it is only for a week or two"  do not say anything.  

Luckily, my DH is also very neat and we can get it back in order in a few hours.  I love my kids and gkids but when they say we will be down to visit, I get very nervious.  Also, I raised them to be neat but once they left my went down hill from there.

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I have always been a neat freak.  When we were kids my sister and I shared a room with twin beds.  My bed was made up neatly everyday and hers was a disaster.  Pretty funny because when I go to her house her bed is still unmade and messy!!  Some things never change.   At 5years old my children made their beds every morning and their room was always picked forward to their own homes, they seem to have shifted to their aunts way of living, oh well I did my best....LOL.

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yes. me and my eldest sister were always neat, tidy and organized. until now. 

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I grew up in a "Do NOT Touch" household.  I am now the absolute opposite.    


  Fingerprints don't bother me........Messy cushions, rugs with footprints, half-burned candles.........NOTHING bothers


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I am very neat and tidy. I grew up in a neat and tidy house.

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just like @Goldengate8361 , i have been the same since childhood.  my mom always said if you wanted to find me, you just have to follow the stacks and piles.  i am still the same way.  i simply cannot be consistent about picking up after myself!   i hear my mother whispering in my ear, "put it away after you're done"  ... and i still dont!   it is SO FRUSTRATING.   but at least i try.