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Re: Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth it?

@Shelbelle wrote:

I love my basic Hotpoint washer from 2013 !!


High five, @Shelbelle !

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Re: Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth it?

No extended warranties for me. I had a Sears washer/dryer for 20 years. When the washer finally needed to be replaced, I bought GE since I've used that brand for a lot of years. I've had the GE washer/dryer for 4 years so far and not one problem ever. nothing fancy and not top of the line, but I love them.  I can't imagine replacing an appliance so often! I wash 2 to 4 loads weekly.

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Re: Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth it?

Years ago I bought a refrigerator from a friend that worked at Sears.  On the QT he told me not to purchase the extended warranty.

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Re: Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth it?

The warranty itself seems to be ok, I didnt pay anything for first repair. It is the long wait to get it fixed, that is the problem. 

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Re: Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth it?

Ten yrs ago I am so very thankful that I did purchase the extended warranty for the fridge that we bought. We needed one that worked. We have a galley kitchen and therefore French doors work best and the freezer is on the bottom. Well we must have had the appliance store repairmen out at our place for almost two years. It seemed like they could never solve the issue. Finally they must have grown tired of it so they replaced it with a comperable fridge from the same maker. Well with in some time the same issue popped up. But by that time the extended warranty had expired. So we have been living with the issue until last week. I was tired of it. We both had grown tired of "living" with the issue. I went to the appliance store and purchaced a fridge that had the freezer on top and the door is therefore going to open only one way. I also purchased the extended warranty again. I guess it helped before. We did not purchase the same brand. The other issue is that now that things are beginning to open out--the appliance store stated that many items are on back order until Aug/ Sept/oct and even until the end of the year. This is a large appliance store as well --so they get first dibs. We have to wait a bit longer so essentially it will be about a wait of almost a month--so we are LUCKY. We pray the fridge that we are living with will hold up until then.

So in this case I say yes.

I have only purchased one other extended warranty an it was for the electronics of my car and earlier this year instead of having a bill over a few thousand dollars--it was one hundred.


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Re: Are Appliance Extended Warranties Worth it?

I don't buy them.  I owed a Whirpool washer and dryer for 12 plus years.  Never had a problems with it and when the washer broke I figured it wasn't worth fixing and got new.  I've had an LG front load washer and dryer for about 7 years now.  The washer broke once and I think it was because of the move across country we made.  Luckily I found a repairman who actually had the part in his truck and it was fixed that day.  Kuddos to the repairman having the part in his truck.  I've watched those money saving segments on TV and read about those warranties on line and it seems the majority of people say not to buy it.