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Anyone have a COREtec floor?

I recently bought a different house and the laminate was ruined when the ice maker leaked.  Over $2,000 worth of damage.


I am considering a floor made with COREtec product.  This is the product: Bliss COREtec One Surfside

It has a waterproof core and is vinyl plank flooring.  It is commercial grade durability, and cleans with plain water or a little ammonia in water.  


If you have this flooring, do you like it?  Pros and cons, please.


Thank you for your any info you may have.

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Re: Anyone have a COREtec floor?

I dont have it but I've always considered vinyl the most practical solution for kitchen and other heavy-duty floors.   I wouldn't hesitate to get this product. 

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Re: Anyone have a COREtec floor?

I haven't heard of the COREtec floor.  I do have Shaw Floating Vinyl Plank flooring that my son and I installed in my house after tearing out older Pergo laminate.


I have senior pets, including one dog who has epilepsy, so flooring that is easily cleaned and NOT DAMAGED by moisture was critical in my selection.  I actually used a left-over piece of the vinyl plank outside last winter.  I ran the outdoor extension cord for my christmas lights in a groove on my walkway, then placed the flooring piece over it, weighted down with a paver on both edges.  I left that there all winter and through the spring.  When I picked it up after all those months, it still was in like new condition.


Vinyl is also warmer under foot that laminate and it really looks great.


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Re: Anyone have a COREtec floor?

I don't have this brand but I do have vinyl woodplank floors in my camper and I love them. So easy to care for.