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Re: Anyone Try Weighted Blankets?

@Topaz Gem, I posted on mine not long ago.  I ordered the smallest one I could find on QVC, a "BlanQuil" weighing 15 pounds, in navy.  I was a bit skeptical, but hopeful.


I absolutely love it.  The weight of it is gentle, not oppressive, and to me at least, sleep-inducing.  I mainly got it to combat my insomnia, and it is very effective for that, although I do usually still wake up early.  But I will have hours of untroubled, restful sleep under it.


I can well imagine it would have therapeutic properties, particularly for those with anxiety.  It does seem to be "stress-reducing" in my case at least.

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Re: Anyone Try Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets, lap pads, and vests are often used to help Autistic children at home, in school, and anywhere needed.  They seem to relieve anxiety.  Special needs classrooms usually have vests or the lap pad to aid the children.  These have been very beneficial to our grandson.


Just be sure the one you select isn't too heavy and that it's washable.

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Re: Anyone Try Weighted Blankets?

I bought one when they first came out - I'll do anything in the hope of getting a good night's sleep.  They were expensive then, I think I paid around $200 for a 15 lb. one.  I like it, but I can only use it during winter with my thermostat turned way down because it's HOT.  I would compare it to the sensation of sleeping with someone's arms around you, or spooning with someone, only that someone doesn't snore or breathe or toss & turn.  Now, after two winter's of use, the beads are shifting so that I have four really heavily weighted corners and the rest of the blanket is light.  I don't have the patience to push the beads back to where they should be, and not sure I will purchase a replacement.  For what I paid, it turned out to be a poor investment.  I'm glad though, that the price has come down somewhat. 

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Re: Anyone Try Weighted Blankets?

I've seen infomercials but I don't buy something just because an infomercial tells me to, I don't see the point.  If for some odd reason, I felt I needed a heavy blanket on me....I'd use two blankets.  

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Re: Anyone Try Weighted Blankets?

If I saw an ad for weighted blankets I would not even tune in.  I hate heavy blankets and even in winter do not sleep with more than a light weight blanket or quilt.  Just not comfortable.

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Re: Anyone Try Weighted Blankets?

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I bought one from Bed, Bath and Beyond last week. The brand is Therapedic58732984_10216508483763584_5047781973867626496_n.jpg. It weighs 16 pounds.  I notice most of them are 10/15/20 pounds, but mine is clearly labeled as 16 pounds, perhaps because of the duvet, which is quite substantial.

I was worried about spending so much money on a blanket, but I absolutely love it. Here are some positives and negatives as I see it.


+ soothing and comfortable, envelops the body

+ helps with my restless legs and body

+ warm and cozy, feels like a hug

+ really well constructed, duvet it comes with is excellent


- very warm, won't be usable on hot summer nights

- very heavy to move it around

- gonna be a beast to get back into the duvet

- DH doesn't like it and we share a bed


All in all, I still highly recommend it to anyone who feels easily overwhelmed and needs to be snuggled.

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