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That's what they call it, but it appears to be a bit more than a cottage. Either way, I'll take it.



































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Re: An English Cottage...

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@stevieb Thanks for the trip down memory lane to the 90's for me.  


Now it is a nice memory but I couldn't deal with all the stuff.  Funny how we change as we move through life.  If I could have Little Guys movers for a day or two I would love it--except the kitchen!  LOL!!!  Woman Very Happy


And the wheels on furniture would have to go. I hate seeing furniture on those awful little wheels.  Ruins the whole look for me. 

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Shabby chic overload; I love it!!

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I could live here and be very comfy and cozy. Whatever the mix...I like it!

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The exterior is pretty but not something I would want for myself.  The interior is definitely not for me.

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I like most of the interior and really love the kitchen!! 

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They've done a good job lightening up what could easily be a gloomy interior.  I'd love that bedroom with the pink sofa.  The kitchen is very appealing; I'd like to see more of it.  I'm afraid though it would be very hot when cooking with such a low ceiling. 

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I want a Tiny House, and I'll take everything that's in the third pic.

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The exterior of the home is stunning and the interior has many lovely appealing design and decor.  I could easily move in and enjoy my surroundings!!!!!!!

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Definitely not a cottage! However is beautifully done and really has an eclectic feel to it.