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To each his own.

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I like it but in the right setting. Music room, recording studio, large game/activity room.

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I have boxes of forty five records if the artist needs them!!!!!!  Actually while it isn't my taste, I find the piece clever and original.  As art is taste it won't be for all but I admire the creativity of the artist. I do think the idea of using the records a good one!

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Not something that I would want, but it is very clever and would probably sell quite well.

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Perfect with the face of Jimi Hendrix in a Music Room

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NO--absolutely gross!

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Re: Afro Record Artwork

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No dedicated music room at my place and even if there were, this would definitely not be my aesthetic... 

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very cool ... for a music room

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Re: Afro Record Artwork

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Great idea.  Kind of reminds me of hair rollers!

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