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About my red lantern (mallemo)

mallemo, Last night, I think, I read your reply asking about how the gold VPH glitter candle looks inside the red Shopko lantern, and I also read a couple of other replies after yours that I can't remember in detail. I have been so busy and just now took a few minutes to reply. I can't find that thread now!

I do like the gold (darker orange) candle inside the red lantern. I wasn't sure I would at first, but I think it works well together with all of my other Fall decor nearby in the room.

I bet the clear would look best of all. I also see the dark emerald green glitter candle looking great for Christmas.

As I think I mentioned before, I have some of the battery operated glitter figurines that I will try also. Yesterday, I also thought about trying my Jim Hansel Over the River candle in the lantern. Not sure if it is tall enough, but will be sure to try it out later on.

I will check back maybe later today, to read though the many other threads, but gotta go for now.