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Perfectly cozy. 

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yes please!

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Great place to curl up with a book or just watching the snow falls with a cup of hot tea................

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Nice place to relax for a bit... Pretty windows, a snowfall to gaze upon and a nice thick throw... Could be a bit chilly though. Hoping there's a fireplace nearby...

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I usually prefer some privacy but this area is so appealing and lovely, so tranquil and serene, I love it!!!!!!  I would spend much time reading and relaxing !

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Lovely spot to curl up with a book or take a nap.

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That's a very cozy looking window seat and love all the pillows and throw.  However, I am hoping that it doesn't get cold sitting by all those windows.  I agree that the view would be so fun!

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@BlueFinch wrote:

That setting and view is SO inviting. However, I hope those are double, or triple pane windows, otherwise sitting right next to them could be a bit chilly. I'm noticing this for the first time, near my own windows during this atypical TX freezefest. 

@BlueFinch   I was just going to say the same thing Smiley Happy

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Gorgeous spot to curl up and read a good book, or just relax and watch the snow!

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Gorgeous...hope there's a Fireplace on the other side of the room..that would make it perfect!!!!!