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Lot of pins on pinterest about food, desserts, wreaths and other decor. I am going to feel my apothecary jars with red and blue and white. I am also going to make a wreath.

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Cocktails anyone?

How about a wreath or two?


How about home decor?


Snacks anyone?





And my all time favorite, strawberry pretzel salad. Yummy to the core.

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Great inspiration pictures, Moxie. I love the one of the wicker settee. Thanks for posting. Add more, if you feel like it. I enjoy seeing them.

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Love the red watering can! Will have to spray paint one of my galvanized ones. TFS

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This has my mouth watering!

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I had seen the pic of the floral arrangements in jars with blue water a couple of weeks ago and have started gathering the items to make them. I am going to use them at gravesites on Memorial Day weekend, and make more for a summer get together in July. Pinterest is great for ideas!

I love the red, white and blue ornaments in the jars as well. I am going to focus on getting ornaments in those colors for next year, as I have some really neat glass containers and bowls that I use for Christmas with ornaments in them, just don't have enough plain red, white and blue ones to pull it off this year.

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What lovely ideas! The salad in the large tupperware-like bowl looks like salad greens, grilled chicken, strawberries, blueberries?, feta cheese and pecans. Yummy!!!

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hosting a nice memorial day picnic this weekend by July 4th it will be unbearable in Florida weather - love these ideas for the tables, drinks and desserts! Esp. the pretzel rods...

thanks for sharing