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@Oznell - This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!



This owner is an amazing decorator. If she is not a professional she should be! Like you, I really enjoy how she displayed her art.




The entryway is perfect.




 I like the pattern in the first room, but I think there's a little too much of it. I would go with solids, with touches of the chintz. I would also pare down the accessories some.




 I LOVE the wicker fireplace screen, and I want one - LOL! I would take this room as is.




 I like the TV room, and as you mentioned, the way the art is displayed on the wall behind the TV. I would definitely move the family picture and one of the books in the stack. I'm not really a "grey" person, but I would like to see the couch with the same background but light sage in the pattern.




As a "green" person I like the second picture of the dining room better! The table is set two different ways- maybe to show how it can be for both dining and office work? Even so, again I would move the family picture to a side table.




 The kitchen and bedroom are fine, and you're right- those gorgeous bedside mirrors make the room!




 The nursery is perfect, and the pink color on the walls is one of the prettiest pinks I've seen!  Smiley Happy





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        @DREAMON "And is there a large birds nest under the coffee table?"


Thank you. You made me LOL and glad I'm not alone there. The first thing that came to mind when I saw that was Bald Eagle's nest:

Photo of the Day: Bald Eagle's Nest - With a Bald Eagle In It


Well, to each his/her/their own. As far as the rest of the house, there is much I like espcially the color palette. The kitchen is my favorite part. Wouldn't change a thing in there.

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When giving the Kentucky Cottage a 3rd look, I noticed the Mario Buatta book on one of the tables. That may explain the decorating style. He loved "stuff" and was definitely a "more is more" guy.

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Enjoyed and agree with your detailed analysis of the house, @beach-mom !  

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In the 2nd picture from the top, the two tables with lamps on each side of the sofa over power the sofa.  They are too big and high just a bad choice.

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Sending love, and your ( always) kind and sweet relies.

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