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Albeit a neat one, this home owner strikes me as a hoarder. 

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There is too much stuff in that cottage. It has tons of potential if the owner would declutter each room and remove about one-third of their belongings.

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It looks comfy & cozy. Love the kitchen especially. Living room is my least favorite room.

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@oznell   The dogs in pictures 2 & 4 are adorable. 

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@oznell  I LOVE the kitchen table. Wonderful piece of wood that holds a families history. Kitchen tables are vital to me and the heartbeat of a home.


Thanks for the post. Lovely cottage. Smiley Happy

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@oznell - With the exception of the range hood, I love it all. 👍 Yes, I could definitely live there. 🙂


Do you have more like these?? Thanks for sharing.

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 This is a very lovely and charming home. I can only see a couple of things I would change.  I am not a fan of modern art so any pictures like that would have to go.  The living room is beautiful.  While the print in the draperies is lovely, it seems a bit much for my taste. Make those changes and I could easily love living in this home! 

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@luvs2garden,  to answer your question, there are several like this at the site-- you can google The Glam Pad and it will pop up.


Another great one for traditional, cottage-y houses is Cafe Design. 


Oh, and has tons of cottages like this.  They lean a bit more "farmhouse" but very pretty.



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I like the entryway best. I like a few of the individual pieces in the other rooms, but the rooms themselves as they are aren't my style. 

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None of this is even remotely close to my style and, basically, all I see is clutter that it's hard to even focus on a piece of furniture or an item that I might like.  

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