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As soon as I "stepped" inside, I knew this was going to be a NO.   Why does every surface have to be covered in stuff?   Bare is great.   

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@Oznell   I love this.  Very cozy.  The green walls remind me of my grandmother's house.  I especially love their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that are in a couple of the pictures.  They even have a dog bed under the kitchen table.

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@gidgetgh wrote:

Massively cluttered.



oh my, that was my first thought also! about half of the "stuff" that is in every room needs to be gone. could not even focus easily on the rooms or the pieces in the rooms......way too distracting @gidgetgh .

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Hello Oznell ~ Woman Happy Heart for your family for this lovely Easter Time season~


  I am usually not on any home decorating thread, but was interested as I scrolled 1940's Cottage,                      "....and it IS a collage,

             not a large home" Smiley Happy


 I love a home that is lived in, especially the warmth of an inviting cozy welcome. It's not that important to me, but just two small comments: having a picture of any size directly behind a table or wall, there is a lamp ~ nothing I would do. Secondly, ( and I know in that 40's era kitchens were smaller as my mom and dad often said), and I have one from when our home was built about 30years + years ago...before we moved here. BUT! We love it here. The area and its yards are our woodsy park like forest So private and removed from the typical home of most of today's selection of built as designed. I appreciate all of the walls' hue, and very created is the entry way, minus the black door. 

    The designer / owner must have a spirit for floral and flowering prints, along with copy prints showing birds. As an artist, I have only my real life .... what I refer to as living art to capture one's imagination if not ancy to stand and embrace most long enough before moving along.


 One major dilemma with the collage and myself are the high kitchen cabinets .....'too high to retrieve' an easy exit for something I would need.

    I use my cabinets for those once a year large bowls, or something not used every week - to half of one year. The top shelf is very high. I cannot envision myself standing on a stool reaching for whatever.

 The people in the forties must have had very tall people, or a man that could reach ............. yes, long arms.


   That's it with my decor ideas.


   Adding on, when I traveled, staying in 4 & 5 star hotel suites, everything was so perfect and quite boring if I do say, then returning home, I never wanted the same look. I would have felt like a stranger in my own home. 

 Many years ago I had someone keeping our home as perfect and totally germ free.


    I haven't done that for over twelve plus years, since HAAAA, I was the 2nd Happy Homemaker as Sue Ann from Mary Tyler Moore days. 

 Appreciate, thankful; I do treasure our home and all of its `` My Style comforts`` + my best friend , my loves; husband and (when I see him) our son,  whom lives farther away, along with traveling. 

  Oh, Sashay is in this home of love, also.  Meow~


 Blessing to you and your family staying well and being safe. Hello to my TLHS movie duplicate.  


 You know. 'Big house, enough room for one more'.



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It gives me hives to look at it.  I am a big fan of ecclectic and have elements in my house that are not of the same style or period, and no matchy matchy one either.


HOWEVER, as with most things there is some balance.  And this simply has too many notes to be something I could ever live with.  But those two flowered chairs match, but that's not good either because there's two ugly chairs!  Woman Embarassed  If you crave a floral print, don't crave too much of it. 

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I do agree in part with everyone who wants a little fewer of the objects, especially in living room.  That's the part of 'froo-froo' I was trying to get at--  I'd be happy with just 'froo' (singular) in that room especially!


As much as I love the curtain fabric, I also think, @DREAMON ,  that a solid color on those living room curtains would have a calming effect.  At least there's still the print on the chairs....


Wow, how nice to see you outside of movie-land, kind @NAES1 .   Thank you for your Easter greetings, and the same to your family!


Good point about high cabinets;  my knees have gone wonky on me, and climbing on a chair to reach high things is a major pain.  I guess I should get one of QVC's much touted, pretzel-like folding step ladders, or something.


What cute names--  are "Sashay" and "Meow" your cats?

 If so, and even if one of them is a dog (or parrot, ha) our kitties Sibyl, Baxter and Toby send them feline greetings!  Stay well, @NAES1

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@NickNack, those King Charles spaniels were melting my heart too, and I noticed that chic little dog bed in kitchen also!  They have lots of places to sleep-- love the image of one of them totally zonked in family room!

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There is little I do not like about this house.  The tables are lovely, the kitchen table and  table with the leaning print are  so pretty!!!  For me it is a warm welcoming home filled with lots of appeal in its furnishings and decor!  

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Beautiful home but their is a lot of furniture and clutter in some of the rooms. The colors of the rooms are gorgeous. 

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The scale is off, and it is so cluttered.