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No, I would never purchase "as is" Christmas decorations.  Too risky.  Many, many people spoke on FB about their problems they had with VPH Chistmas items.  

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I have ordered several "as is" items: all were in perfect condition.


I would definitely order Christmas items, but I already have more than I can use.

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I have ordered many as is items here and most have been good. I did get a set of Homeworx candles one time where one of the set of three had been completely burned. Thought that was strange, but QVC was good about taking them back and refunding all shippings. 

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I have ordered "As Is" and they were problems. 


Valerie's pedestals, a garland, and some candles....

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Re: "As is" Christmas decor

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@skatting44 wrote:

 No for me because if you receive something broken  unusuable  that cannot be exchanged is a waste of money.  If it was on a shelf at a store , you could inspect in person and make an informed  decision as to if you could live  or still use the defective item. 





You can return "AS IS" items. This is from QVC's website ---

AS IS Important Details

This item may be a customer return, vendor sample, discontinued inventory, or on-air display and may not be new. In some instances, these items are repackaged by QVC. QVC does not guarantee that this product will meet your expectations or standards. Additionally, for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, the fact that the item is not in its originally manufactured condition, the manufacturer may not, and you should not expect that the manufacturer will, honor any original warranty that may have been offered in connection with this product.


As with other items sold by QVC, we want you to be completely satisfied with every order. Accordingly, if for any reason you are not entirely pleased with this product, simply return the item within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the purchase price minus the shipping and handling charge and the Q Return Label fee.



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I have ordered probably 8-10 as-is Christmas items over the last couple of years.  I have been pleased with all of them so far.