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oversized deer with cardinals

Many people in this forum have shared their love for decorating with deer and cardinals over the years, so I wanted to make sure you knew about these new lovelies that will be presented in the David's Great Big Christmas show later today:


(Note that even though the swatches/photos have not been loaded for both options on both pages, you can see the metallic version and the traditional version by just looking at the photos in both listings.)

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Re: oversized deer with cardinals

I saw a preview of the deer with the cardinal and I must say these pieces are beautiful!!!!!  If I didn't already have so much Christmas decor and if I had the space to store these deer, I would be tempted to buy.  But I can only admire which is fine!!!!

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Re: oversized deer with cardinals

I purchased David's 2020 version with the multicolor saddle last year.  It is spectacular.



2021  This one is cute.