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Re: The best piece of christmas...

That is a treasure.I hope that you have someone to pass that to someday.I think it might be one of your most beautiful treasures.It has seen many Christmas celebrations and I hope each year that reindeer is placed out, has been the best ever.

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Re: The best piece of christmas...

I think those hand made, long ago things bring the most joy, peace and reflection at holiday times. I still have a tiny birds nest with a little cardinal in it that we made in Sunday School when I was very little. It is on the tree every year. I have a number of ornaments my son made when he was little too. 


This might sound silly, but all those most special (and not at all attractive or stylish) ornaments are kept in one special box, and I try to keep track of exactly where it is. In one of those 'have to evacuate the home very quicky' scenarios, I want to be able to grab that box. 


I'd miss the expensive Radko ornaments and many of the others, but those very personal ones would be devastating to loose.

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Re: The best piece of christmas...

I have popsicle sticks glued together and painted in all colors. From my son when he was in second grade I believe. I treasure them. He is 46 years old now.

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Re: The best piece of christmas...

I put up my 5-foot tree. It’s in an urn for height and decorated with champagne swags and gold, silver, champagne, and white picks. It’s beautiful (if I may say so) and my daughter agreed. Then she said, “Mom I miss your big tree with all our family ornaments.” So next year I will look for a 6.5 slim tree. Part of the problem is my ability to handle the weight of a larger tree. Instead of trying to keep all the pieces together, I’ll store them separately. That should make it manageable. I miss my ornaments too! @I am stillkeeper of the  yes, the ornaments that tell our story do make the holidays special.



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Re: The best piece of christmas...

Such a sweet keepsake, MaryAnn! ❤️ I treasure the sentimental ornaments most of all, too. 


One of my favorites is hard ginger cookie in the shape of a heart on a simple red ribbon. My oldest son made it in kindergarten. I'd be crushed if it broke, so I wrap it in tissue paper, then carefully cover that in bubble wrap.