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This was another You Tube video.  See how great the Japanese are at wrapping packages.  With a mountain of paper and tape, I'm blown away at them using 1 piece of tape, and in some stores, they wrap a package in minutes, so people don't miss their ride. It's fascinating.

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@qualitygal :My senior year in high school worked at JCPenny's  during the holidays. I was transferred to the gift wrapping department. Very interesting. I wish we could have accepted tips. The men shopping for Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve would go to a bar for Happy Hour and then shopping and last stop: gift wrapping😀😀. From 4p.m until 6p.m. : Could have easily earned $200 in tips.😮😮 The hourly pay for me was $1.65.  We had to carefully measure the gift wrapping paper and one small piece of tape on each side of the paper. I learned several tips about gift wrapping and making bows.

Now I do very little.Really don't use ribbon and love the 3D stick on bows.😊😊

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wrapping Christmas gifts is my favorite , just love wrapping !!  I learned to wrap beautifully when I worked at a Hallmark store years ago .  Before that I didn't have any idea or really give much thought to nice wrappings or bows either , just used stick on bows and done .   I now make my own elaborate bows , use those add ons like ornaments , bells, whatever coordinates with the wrapping paper which I order online .   It's thicker and nice to work with compared to paper I find in regular stores . One of my dear friends is the same way with her wrappings.  We look forward to seeing how our gifts to each other are wrapped!

years ago we had a dream to open a wrapping gift shop and call it All Wrapped Up ! Or It's A Wrap  LoL 😂 of course it never happened !  We still speak of it every so often.  I know wrapping is not something everyone enjoys , I get that ,  I just do love it .

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I've always loved wrapping gifts with gorgeous ribbon, handmade bows and pretty tie-ons.  My mother always did and I followed her lead.  It would take me days, but they looked so beautiful under the tree.  We don't really exchange gifts now, so I usually only have a few to wrap.

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Re: Wrapping packages

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I enjoy wrapping to a certain degree.  I still wrap more than using bags, but I know the bags save a ton of time and stress on people during the holidays.  I like pretty ribbons, and make some cute to: from tags from old Christmas cards.  I have not mastered beautiful bows, so I usually use curling ribbon. 

Enjoy your gift wrappings, it can be a beautiful art.  

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I used to love wrapping gifts; my family no longer exchanges now, but my adult nephew still gets a Hallmark ornament from his favorite aunt.   Not much wrapping for that small box.  

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I also worked in gift wrapping one Christmas at a Buffum's dept. store when I was 19. I've loved wrapping ever since. I enjoy selecting really pretty fabric ribbon and papers.