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As I do my wrapping I remember buying a cap for DS a couple of months back but can't locate with my other purchases.   Found an ornament I was unsure I had purchased.  Can't locate money cards I know I saw earlier in the season!  

When will I learn how to navigate my purchasing!?

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@Twins Mom   I spend half of my life looking for things, lol.


I now have a file on my computer, "Where things are Stored," so when I am looking for something, I go there, and viola, I find it.  Of course, there are tons of things that aren't on the list yet.

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It's usually when I put something away for safe-keeping that I can't find it much later.  It defeats the purpose, kind of.

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@Twins Mom.  Under your bed?

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Amazingly enough I never hide there.  I have my table leaves there!  

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I hate when I find out that I bought something that I already have stashed away!

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...  and the search is so exhausting!

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I always try to wrap as I go so don't have to really Hide anything.  It all goes into one closet.

If you are hand delivering cash gifts ask your local bank if they have holiday money envelopes.  Mine give them to  bank patrons  free of charge.  I figured there are fewer chances for exposure on the enveloves getting them from the bank rather than the store. Might save a few dollars  I've used them to give a strip of scratcher tickets too.

Hope you find all your goodies!

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Always can’t find......hooks for ornaments for the tree. Every year I buy them, usually keep them with the ornaments, hmmm, wasn’t in there.  Of course, buy new ones, then found them elsewhere.

Found TWO packs in a small lock and lock!  Won’t lose them next year.   


I now out put the money cards in with my Christmas card list, with the extras cards.  Always have that box pulled out around Thanksgiving.  Also put the To/from labels in there now also.  


I’ve been known to find a gift a year after I bought it.  No gift closet, but I normally keep any gifts in the same closet.  No extra D&B or $100 Philosophy sets waiting for the unexpected gift I need to give.  Haha.