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Re: When is Christmas in july?

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Hi All.  Good to see you.  Sorry I haven't stopped by in quite some time but I had to check to see if there was any chit chat on CIJ.  Of course, I should have known there would be....LOL.  I hope you are all well and enjoying some summer weather.  We've had some definite landscape changes in South Florida since Hurricane Irma, but slowly things have gotten cleaned up. Took a long time.  Lucy I hope things are ok on your end.  


Happy Mother' Day to you guys!


@MTH - I lived in Coral Gables during Hurricane Andrew, and know the devastation it caused.  I am glad that things are slowly getting back to normal there.  When I left S. Florida, it still looked like a bomb had hit the area.

@MTH, How wonderful to hear from you.  We were all concerned for your safety during Irma, but someone told us you were safe.  My DGD was in Homestead and her house was damaged beyond being livable without major repairs.  They were away when the storm hit and have now been transferred to an area near Sarasota. They lost most of their home furnishings from water damage.  I saw your description of the storm 'train' sound.  We have been through a tornado and that's the sound this one made too.


On a lighter note, the CIJ will help all of us with the chatting going on.  I'm hoping that it won't be buying for me as I have decided to cut back on the decor.  I have purged a lot of my decor and hoping I will use some imagination and do more with what I kept. I'm still crazy for pretty Reindeer though but used less of what I have last year.


Again, it's great to see you posting again.  Hope your area will all be restored as well as it can be soon.  Just glad you are safe and your home was spared damage.

@lucymo  Hi Lucy. So glad to see you back around. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time of things but sounds like you are doing the best that can be done.  Know we were all thinking of you and you were missed.  


Can't complain on my end about the storm. Lots of landscape and fencing damage, but nothing to the house and little by little the yard is coming around.  We consider ourselves very lucky. It was a scary few days but many had it worse, especially Puerto Rico who is still suffering.  


I can't wait for CIJ either.  You are right that everyone seems to find their way back here when CIJ rolls around.  The glue that binds us all together it seems.  I hope we all get reminded of how many reindeer we have when Valerie's shows come around.  I don't know where I'd put another one.  

@MTH  Thank you for the kind words.  Yes, I'm a bit like a rubber ball, always bounce back.


I think I can be persuaded to get another Reindeer if it's something really special.  I passed on P1 'deer' last season even though I really loved them, common sense won out. Enough is enough, really.


Looking forward to seeing just what QVC will bring us this year.  I thought they did quite well last time.  I just love all things Christmas but have finally learned that I don't have to own them all.


I was on the road yesterday and saw Garage and Yard sales.  I wondered what kind of Christmas things might be there.  But, pressed for time, didn't stop to check anything.  I'm sure sometimes there are some of the same items we all have from QVC.  Smiley Happy

@lucymo Last year I went to a church garage sale and found a box of early  red Shiny Brite ornaments. I can't wait to retire and look for more - even QVC items!



@PA Mom-mom  Ebay has tons fo these, bought quite a bit last year.  Look for vintage ornaments and Shiny Brite.

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Re: When is Christmas in july?

I know, right...but man o' man was it easy popping candles and ornaments in those bags! Once "wrapped" they went in a big basket under the tree.

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Re: When is Christmas in july?

Valerie had a post on FB today that she would be on July 1 at 1AM and 6 PM.

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Re: When is Christmas in july?

@mousiegirlYes, I saw them on Ebay! That's why I was excited to get them for so little at the garage sale! the prices on Ebay are all over the place, but I'm pretty sure I got a great buy.

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Re: When is Christmas in july?

I don’t know if it’s the official CIJ weekend, but they are certainly doing 3 full days of holiday decor on July 13, 14 and 15.

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Re: When is Christmas in july?