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Re: What have you said no more of

I have way, way, way too many sets of dishes that I acquired through the years.


I gave away or sold quite a few but if someone went though my house they would think I was crazy for having so many.


So many have sentimental value like my wedding china and my husband's grandmother's china she acquired in the 1920's. 


My children are not interested in it at all.

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Re: What have you said no more of this year

No more of Valerie's hurricanes. Last year I purchased the starry nights in black and spruce but missed out on the pumpkin. So this year l lost my mind and bought 4 sets of the mercury glass hurricanes silver, black, green and orange. Why did I do this?? I managed to give the silver to my youngest daughter. I am hoping that my other daughter will take the black/midnight. I might keep the green. I will never use the orange so the Humane society thrift store will get that. Oh when the pumpkin starry nights came back I bought that. 

Like so many others I have been on a mission to clear out my holiday decorations. It's hard because they all have memories. My children aren't interested so lots of items will either be donated if in good condition or trashed. It is liberating to get rid of stuff that I no longer want or use.