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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

Nope -   never saw one as a kid

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

Yes, we used to get them for Easter. This was probably in the late 50’s.

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

They are called sugar eggs and you can still buy them at Michaels and other places as well. I used to make them when I was a teenager and also when my kids lived at home.  


They are  made in a mold with very fine sugar and water and decorated with royal icing.   I would make them and my daughter who can really decorate cakes and things would pipe the icing and decorate them for me.  

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

I used to get them too.  Would have been in the late 60's. 


I see that you can make them if you search online.


Thanks for bringing back a nice memory!!

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

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It looks like one company (Blumchen & Company) posted on their website that their manufacturer was purchased by a larger candy company and the new owner decided not to continue making the sugar eggs as of 2018.

Another company (Sugar Eggs) still makes them in 3 sizes (the cost on these has gone up just like everything else) and they sold out all they could make for this year.  If you think you want to rekindle the memory and share one with someone you love who has never seen such a thing....start saving your money now and order early for next year.  They run from $14.95 to $79.95.
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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

Yes, I absolutely remember them!  The Easter Bunny always left a beautiful one in the baskets that he brought me!  I still have a tiny one in a box with some Easter decorations.  Do they not make them anymore?  The peek inside the egg added to the fantasy of the day and made the day that much more special.  That bunny was very very good to me!

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

@Roxxy wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

Yes!  My sister and I got one of those eggs every Easter.  I wonder why they're no longer made?

@Kachina624  I was wondering the same.

@Roxxy.  Perhaps decorating them is too labor intensive?

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

Yes, my mom also made this type of eggs...I have a few of them and they still look like new on the outside, on the inside a couple of things have come loose, but I still get them out every year.

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

The Polish Deli in my town still sells these!

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Re: Vintage Easter Eggs

These are too pretty. One needs great skills to decorate like this.