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Re: Very little of my CIJ weekend purchasing is.....



Your new color scheme for the house sounds so bright and cheery. I love blues and yellows.


Being in my mid 50's I have lived in this current home for 22 years, the longest time in one place since I left home as a young adult. During those early adult years, one tends to move more often, so things seem 'new and different' every few years. 


When we bought this home, I painted, papered and carpeted in various colors in different areas of the house, and loved everything I did at that time. Just in the last year or so, I look around and want to make some big color changes in a few rooms. I think with time, not only styles change, but we change in what we find exciting/comforting/pleasing/welcoming in both colors and in style. And my guess is that is often has to do with not only what we see as the style of the day, but where we are in our personal lives, and what colors are speaking to what is going on in our soul at that period in time.