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Still showing unavailable. 

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Yes they are available to order. I ordered two last night. This morning the leaf dress one shows on waitlist. Advanced order for all shows shipping 3/19 which I think is a mistake. My expected delivery date is April 24.
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The largest one  with the birds is on waitlist, they still have Ivory in the bird feeder one H230610 


I'm not sure about the new one with butterflies

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The butterflies one H230612 is available in ivory, verdigris is on waitlist.

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@Coopsmommy  - thanks!  I was able to order the new one.  Now I have all three, and I like to think they represent me and my two sisters.

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So glad you got it for your set, they are beautiful!!

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I ordered one of each in the middle of the night. It is now showing April 24 for me as well, with almost everything on waitlist. Rick said no presentation because they had sold out? Half asleep when he said that so I am not sure.  Good luck to all who are still hoping for them.