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Re: Valerie's Church Under Glass

@brii wrote:



UPS delivered my replacement glass dome.  I am so pleased at how quickly it came. 


It was not damaged.  I do find it amusing that it literally had one sheet of bubble wrap surrounding the dome and was rattling around loose in the box.  LOL


The original came so nicely packaged and wound up shattering in transit.  Go figure...


 Thank you for the replacement dome, @Kim-QVC.   I appreciate it so much.


@brii  I am so happy for you to receive the replacement dome and totally surprised as they have always said they couldn't send a part of a set.  Hope you will enjoy the church cloche now that it is complete.

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Re: Valerie's Church Under Glass

@lucymo, I definitely will enjoy it.  I was admiring it last night. 


I too was happily surprised that they sent out a replacement dome. 

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Re: Valerie's Church Under Glass

@brii - Great! Thanks for posting the safe arrival of the replacement dome, glad that we were able to resolve this issue.