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Valerie’s Aspen Tree

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I ordered a 3 ft. Aspen tree ( by Valerie) scheduled to ship the week of 11-1.  When I just checked, I saw the following: SHWK 8/2.  Huh? When I clicked on the order itself, it had changed to 11/11. (At least it is not 8/2.), but I sadly had to cancel. We are having a very early family celebration ( before Thanksgiving) to be able to include my 95 year old mom and my ill sister with others from a distance.  Normally, waiting a while for delivery is not a problem, but given that I still have not received a Halloween decoration on Nov. 2, I decided not to wait. I have an old tree I can use.  I just am disappointed that not everything will be brand new for a special celebration that, like others, we did not have last year.

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That's disappointing, @KailaS.  I hope your celebration is very special despite the missing tree.  I feel like we have to be really flexible these days, to not count on anything to be as we expect it to be and to have plenty of alternate ideas.

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Do you have a Lowes  near you?  They have great trees.  And you can pick it up right there in the store.  Even if you choose to order their shipping is fast.


Sorry you're disappointed but your family celebration will be special regardless of the decorations.  

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All my stores here are stocked with you can probably get one locally.

I even got a Vintage look 3 ft off Amazon for a good price...delivered in 2 days