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Re: Valerie posted her sneak peek

I love those pumpkins shown above. They are gorgeous. I should have looked at them closer.


To answer above, the witches broom is not purple but I think I am going to wrap some Halloween strong lights on it and I stopped at Joanne’s the other day and picked up Fall and Halloween ribbon for bows. The broom has a black bow but I may make a different one. 


Someone mentioned the giant pumpkin. I love mine and thought about going back for a cream one, but storage is an issue for me 😂If they are still in stock I say grab one! They are nice. 



I did end up buying the spider web and the purple spheres. I fell in love with the spider web and I have some of the spheres in other colors but I thought purple would be nice for Halloween. I also think I am going to grab a set of the spruce and the ornament toppers and put those under one of my trees for Christmas. 


My only complaint about Val’s shows would be that they are not bringing in as much inventory. The shows in the middle of the night cannot be watched by a lot of people and during her shows in the daytime, a lot of people are at work. They are not bringing in a lot of inventory so stuff sells out and many don't get a chance to buy. 


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Re: Valerie posted her sneak peek

@MG Chris I know what you mean, sometimes if I don't stay up for 12 midnight or 1am shows then come morning there is nothing left. This visit, it seems like she had a little more in stock with the pieces I purchased.

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Re: Valerie posted her sneak peek

Saw light-up, ceramic pumpkins very similar to VPH TSV pumpkins -- with the "squished" profile to fit on a mantel and carved leaf patterns -- at CVS today for only $19.99. About 8-9" across...may only be good for indoor use, but not a horrible price (especially comparatively) if you wanted more or if you missed out. They were in the middle seasonal aisle.