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When is the next Valerie Parr Hill show scheduled? I’m having trouble finding it in the Program Guide, which is not working properly. Thank you!
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On Valerie's last show this past Thursday, she said she would be back around the end of Sept., I am not exactly sure of the days but believe it is in the twenties.  However, it was also said that maybe she would have another presentation earlier if they can work the schedule out. I'm sure the closer it gets it will be on the program guide.

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@spiderwwas will be the end of September and will be a Harvest show.


The 24th or 26th seems to stick in my mind....

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I think she said the 24th and 25th of September.

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According to the program guide, on Q2 she has holiday shows on 8/29 and 8/30, although I think the 30th might be a repeat.  


And a harvest show on 9/20.

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I follow Valerie on Facebook, where she announces her shows.


I just checked-there's House to Home Harvest Edition on this Thursday, September 8th from 1-3 AM and also at 1-3 PM (both eastern time)

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