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VPH H219634 Illuminated Glass Ornament

They come in red, green, pink and blue and frost. I ordered one of each. They’re very pretty but the pink that I wanted to use with pastel gingerbread, is do faint it’s almost a clear or ecru color. Very little pastel pink to it. Anyway.... I decided to send all but the cobalt one back. I read under the reviews that a lady by the name of BarbaraJ had ordered 2, one was lost in transit and the other I think broken. She talked of how she had waited a year to attempt to get these and now they’re sold out again. I felt bad for her and seeing I have some on perfect condition, I wonder is there a way to find her, do that I could send them to her? I’ve looked and waited for items for hmm I think the longest was 3 yrs and it’s no fun. I just wanted BarbaraJ to have what she’s been trying for.
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Re: VPH H219634 Illuminated Glass Ornament

@cocamp There is absolutely no way to contact another poster. QVC does not give out that personal information and Community Standards forbids us posting personal names or emails here. Sorry. It's a nice thought tho.