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Valerie just posted on Instagram that her TSV for September 12 has been canceled because it did not come in. She also said she will have no more fall/harvest shows due to shipping problems. This seems to be a common issue everywhere, whether you want to buy a tube of toothpaste or a refrigerator. This too shall pass, I hope. 



@CJC   Amazon and zulily don't have this shipping problem.  HSN also sends thing in a timely manner, no delays.

Hmm...haven't ordered from zulily recently, but they probably list only items in stock. The TSV's are planned far in advance of the actual sell date, and seems like some stuff is not coming in. I ordered the Skechers TSV on Aug 7. Was due to ship on 23, but just shipped today Sept 8. Q gave me a $10 credit for shipping delay. Amazon shipping seems ok, but I've noticed a few items I want to order are out of stock and cannot be ordered until new stock arrives. My grocery store, Publix, has some empty shelves due to their suppliers not shipping. Valerie's stuff is all from China so boats not arriving or nobody to unload the boats??