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@J9 wrote:

I have the small church and the large Santa. I love only complaint was that I didn't like the color pedestal each one came with. I wish we had a choice of scene and pedestal color. I think the church came with silver and Santa with green.would have preferred a red one (came with snowman) and a gold one (came with Carolers), but I can live with it.

You could easily spray paint the bases...

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I received the 13"  'as is' Church and it is beautiful! Perfect condition and so far the lights are working. I also got the snowman scene and it is sweet too. There are two tiny bubbles in the glass but can be hiddedn easily where it is not seen.There was a note that there possible might be some bubbles which is natural for blown glass. But the church dome had absolutely no bubbles. Delighted with these purchases.