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Re: The house looks so drab now

Everything is still up and glowing!  I plan on taking things down this weekend...hoping the weather is nice enough and no big windy snow storms.  


I plan to leave up the strand of soft white lights on my mantel....perhaps my little Valerie white Doves will stay also.  Winter birds so pretty.  


Also I am leaving up the Valerie glistening lighted trees in my me they are very winter and not just for Christmas as I purchased white blue and rose in different sizes.  For some reason they kind of remind me of red, white & blue Woman Happy


The rest is red and green decorations that will be packed up....I just like to enjoy them for a little longer as I find it depressing to take them down so early.  To me early would be the day or 2 after Christmas or even before or New Yrs day. 



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Re: The house looks so drab now

@chrystaltree wrote:

We usually keep our Christmas tree and decorations up until January 6 but hubby got up early yesterday morning and took everything down.  I was a little miffed but also grateful that I didn't have to do it.  So now the house looks drab and lifeless.  I always hate when Christmas is over, it's my favorite time of the year.  I tossed out the remaining Christmas cookies that were hard as rocks but I have some cookie dough left so I'll make some sugar cookies to cheer myself up.


We take down the Christmas dishes, decor, and outdoor lit candy canes on the 6th, too.  But we leave the indoor white and yellow lights up until March.  Otherwise it's waaay too depressing.